Our summer day camps combine the fun of traditional summer camp with a safe and empowering experience for gender diverse youth.

The play-based camp provides a safe space to explore gender identity and expression, to build community for gender diverse youth and their families and to support youth and their families with self-empowerment and resiliency curriculum. We meet each camper exactly where they are - transgender, non-binary, questioning or cis-gender. While we primarily focus on gender diverse youth, we do encourage siblings and friends who are allies to come to camp! We want all to thrive.

Through various activities and guided projects, we introduce our unique approach to self-empowerment and resilience. We take research based social-emotional intelligence curricula of RULER from Yale University’s Center of Emotional Intelligence, best practices of creating identity safety, and the most celebratory approaches of emotional resilience training to help scaffold gender diverse children to respond mindfully and safely when they encounter bias. We DO make sure camp is fun, inspiring and play-based. Campers get to be regular kids with a regular kid summer camp experience to develop their pride, rather than feel like they are "other" or need to hide their whole self.

Daily Itinerary

We have different theme based weekly sessions, and each day we have featured outdoor play, yoga, circus arts, dance movement, science, spoken word, visual arts and maker.

Remember to Bring

Lunches and giggles. For water day, a swimsuit and towel. Otherwise, clothes to dress up or play in!

Parent Circles

To supplement the children’s day camp experience, psychotherapists who are gender specialists will be available after drop off and before pick up to answer questions and facilitate the family support discussion groups. 

2018 Dates & Rates for Camp

Each Session:  $425 each week

1. East Bay (El Cerrito, Ca): June 18-July 6, 2018
2. South Bay (Campbell, Ca): July16-July 27, 2018

Limited financial assistance available. Contact: sandra@engendernow.org


Our Team


Dr. Sandra Collins

Founder and Executive Director

Contact Sandra


Transgender camp teaches kids they’re ‘normal, not alone’

August 7th, 2017

In some ways, Rainbow Day Camp is very ordinary. Kids arrive with a packed lunch, make friendship bracelets, play basketball, sing songs and get silly. But it is also unique, from the moment campers arrive each morning...


The Freedom to Play


July 30th, 2017

"Across the playground, Kris the camp counselor is being chased by a herd of five-year-olds in a game of Big Bad Wolf. It’s superhero week at camp, and all the kids have decided on their super powers: Laser fire! Ice power! Telekinesis! The kids fire imaginary powers from their fingers as they surround Kris and climb him like a tree, giggling all the way..."


A note on registration with Activity Hero: To register, you will create a corporate account with Activity Hero. We are working with Activity Hero to expand their gender categories to also include non-binary. Please rest assured that our camp registration affirms various gender identities and pronouns.